About me

Who am I ?
I am a freshwater ecologist interested in the effects of landuse change and other anthropogenic impacts on aquatic systems. I am particularly interested in the effects of urbanisation on organic matter dynamics and both ecosystem structure and function. I seek to undertake experimental and observational research that informs and guides both policy and ecosystem management.

Broad Research Interests:
Landuse impacts on freshwater ecosystems (incl. urban & agricultural)
Ecosystem structure and function
Restoration ecology
Organic matter dynamics
Nutrient processing and cycling (esp. N, P and C)
Groundwater-surface water interactions

Current Research:
I am currently researching four major areas…
1. Investigating the structure, function and hydrology of small ephemeral headwater streams around Melbourne.
2. Investigating linkages between flow, sediment, organic matter and in stream vegetation.
3. Investigating the potential for integrated water management to protect streams from urban development.
4. Investigating factors driving and limiting the restoration of peri-urban streams using stormwater control measures (http://www.urbanstreams.unimelb.edu.au/).

Previous Research:
PhD, Freshwater Ecology (2011)

My PhD research aimed to investigate the effects of catchment scale urbanisation and reach scale riparian vegetation on organic carbon processing in small streams. More specifically, this research provided insights into the rates of organic matter inputs, retention, breakdown and storage across numerous streams ranging in catchment urbanisation. This research strongly highlighted the need for both riparian restoration and the application of water sensitive urban design in order to restore/maintain organic matter availability in urban streams.

Honours, Chemistry/Biology (2006)

This research investigated the impacts of catchment urbanisation on the rate and mechanisms of leaf litter breakdown. The findings clearly demonstrated the negative impacts of decreased water quality on organic matter availability in urban ecosystems.

Download an overview here:



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