Previous students


Maternity Leave


Maternity Leave


Yixuan Guo (Masters of Environment) “Assessing the effectiveness of urban stormwater interventions on improving urban stormwater quality”. Completed in 2015 (co-supervised with Mike Sammonds and Prof. Tim Fletcher).

Maree Drennan (Masters of Environment) “Assessing the impacts of fire service testing on urban stream hydrology and ecological integrity”. Completed in 2015 (co-supervised with Anthony Brown).



Maternity Leave



Joanna Marçais (Stagiaire -French masters intern student“Investigating the effects of urbanisation on organic matter breakdown rates”. Completed in 2013 (co-supervised with Prof. Tim Fletcher).

Alexander Ross (PhD) “Bioengineering of riparian nitrogen retention and transformation zones“. Discontinued in 2013 (co-supervised with Prof. Tim Fletcher).



Zhibek Junushaliyeva (Masters) “Temporal trends in water quality data and its relationship with flow volumes in streams of contrasting catchment urbanization over a period of large climatic variability”. Completed in 2012 (co-supervised with Assoc. Prof. Christopher Walsh).

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